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Full-Length Plays
"Kitty Decides and The Mysterious Stranger"   /55 min. /2M,4F & a robot /Paranormal Comic Drama

A drama in 1 act, 55 minutes, cast of 6.

SUMMARY: A young girl leaves her home for the first time. A ghostly relationship follows. Many decisions to make. Assisted by a robot, her adventure ends with an unexpected outcome.

"Dragon Memories"   /80 min. /2M,3F /Psych. Drama

A drama in 2 acts, 80 minutes, cast of 5.

SUMMARY: A deeply troubled young man is tormented by mysterious experiences that happened during his vacation in Scotland. He seeks the help of a psychiatrist. She guides him in a voyage of discovery of his past and his meeting with a young Scottish farm girl and her fearsome ram, called Dragon. The psychiatrist's niece gets involved.

View the introduction to "Dragon Memories"
"The Adventures of Monsieur Maurice"
      and His Bridal Emporium"   /75 min. /3M,4F /Comic Romp

SUMMARY: Planning a wedding? Step into the world of Monsieur Maurice’s Bridal Emporium for a comic romp featuring an extravagant artistic designer, his (blue stocking) assistant (keeping it altogether), a tough landlord, a grandiose mama, a beautiful bride, a buxom beauty, a beading expert and a shocking finale.

  /75 min. /4M,4F; may double /Gothic Paranormal

SUMMARY: A Gothic tale. It is the early 19th century. A young Irish girl has disgraced her family
and is sent to Canada to work as a lady’s maid.
Her life takes a most unexpected turn.
October, 2013 staged reading in the NPD Write Now Challenge; Nextstage Reading April 3, 2017,
expanded for Big Ideas Festival May 17, 2017 - see blog...

One-Act Plays
"THEY ALL GOT OFF THE BUS BEFORE IT WENT DOWN THE HILL"   /40 min. /4F,3M,1Cow /Farm Family Action; Comedy Drama

SUMMARY: Life happens on a Scottish farm in the 70's. Comic events and real-life situations. Young and old people and animals. (Act 2 in chaotic progress.)
Big Ideas Festival 2016 (Alumnae Theatre), directed by Lucy Brennan.

"City Streets After 9/11"   /38 min. /2F,1M /Historical

SUMMARY:A psychological mood play based on actual events: A poignant encounter on the streets of New York by a midtown Manhattan resident a few days after September 11, 2001. Two women meet by chance at an outdoor café. One, an out of work corporate executive; the other, a mysterious woman of uncertain age and means.
A beggarman looks on with sage and bitter comments.

View an excerpt from "City Streets After 9/11"
"In A Time Of War - Glasgow 1941"   /40 min. /2M,4F /WWII Family Drama

SUMMARY: The bombing raids up the Clyde in Scotland have begun. It is World War II. A family and their neighbours keep on with their lives after a near hit with a bomb and a dreadful loss of life nearby. Amidst the darkness of war, there is a lightness in the air, even with tragedy, as two young girls find many adventures when not in school.

"Not Australian Sheila"   /20 min. /2F,2M / Comedy

SUMMARY: Two girls at a swimming pool (can be offstage with sound effects) One a plus size into Karaoke, the other a hot chick into her body ...and the guys they encounter.
CAST: 2 girls, 2 guys and the sound of a Harley

"The Bells Are Ringing"   /25 min. /3F,3M /1904 Fire of Toronto

SUMMARY: The firehouse bells are ringing. ”Fire!” is being shouted loud and clear through all the streets. It is 8 pm on a Tuesday, April 19, 1904. The Great Fire of Toronto has begun!
CAST: 3 women, 2 men, 1 youth

"The Little Green Witch"   /15 min. /3F,2M /  Children's Play

SUMMARY: A fantasy play for children and the young at heart,
wherein a blight nearly covers the whole earth, but then...
2 young girls
a woman (young)
a man (austere)
an Angel (boy)
an oak tree

"Doc MacPan and All"   /40 min. /3F,2M /  Children's Play 8+

SUMMARY: "A gang of fairy tale characters and their adventures thru time"
Mother Hubbard (M or F, panto character)
Tommy Tucker (young English rocker)
Sleeping Beauty (sleeps a lot and snores)
Snow White (exotic, karate)
Peter MacPan (Scottish doctor )

"Evening Out"   /10 min. /2F,2M / Comic Fright

Two girls dressed for a night out arrive on an empty subway platform having eluded their blind dates, only to encounter something worse.
Una: girl - any age, was out for a good time
Tillie: girl - any age, was also out for a good time
Scarecrow: tall, fearsome
Train Track Man: tall hooded stranger (no lines)
Various zombie-like figures, optional

"The Beginning or the End"   /20 min. /2F,3M /Neo-apocalyptic

2 male soldiers (ragged, tough)
1 female soldier (Bond girl)
Mam, the evangelist (larger than life)
Little Man (Mam's assistant)
SUMMARY: They all meet in the middle of a war that has no beginning and no end. They look for any way out...

"Neverfield"   /10 min. /2F,1M/F /A Jane Austen Spoof

SUMMARY: Austen’s ‘Persuasion’ turned upside down as a young lady (Jane) dreams a story in a churchyard.
A young woman who is suddenly Miss Jane: bookish, admirable with a certain calmness
Pretty Miss Kate: dancing, beautiful and knows it – younger sister (extreme emotions)
Kitchen Scrubs: Cleanliness is next to godliness – older crone - tuneless humming as he/she scrubs all around (Scottish accent)

"The Bathroom Scales"
  or "I absolutely do not believe in ghosts!" /3 min. /1 M/F

SUMMARY: An actress (or actor) gets a chance of going out on a big National Tour, provided she/he can fit into the costume.

"What's Next, Cathy?"   /8 min. /1F /Monologue Play

SUMMARY: Cathy, a feisty energetic gal, is the last tenant hanging on in an empty building. The landlord has turned off the electricity in his last ditch effort to get her out. Rushing to get to her midnight job at the Biscotti Factory, she trips and falls down the stairs. Unable to move, she considers her options.