Excerpt from "Dragon Memories" © ®

by Anne MacMillan

(Voice over in a light Scottish Highland accent)
He roamed the field looking for something on which to vent his anger and frustration. He was warm, as his woolly coat had not been sheared for several years – in fact he was so full blown he could have rolled down the side of the cliff without so much as a twisted or broken bone.

Graphic of Dragon, glaring... Alone and bored, he had become wild and ferocious with those two-legged creatures. He knew the spring and summer were on their way, and he was going to feel the weight of his ever growing winter coat. No matter how uncomfortable it was beginning to make him feel, he would not allow anyone near him. It was the only amusement he had, glaring at people with his fierce red eyes, and hearing their gasps of terror as he charged across the field towards them.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his gleaming red eyes he caught a flash of brown and white. A rabbit dares to come onto his private preserve. Turning quickly to butt it and teach it a lesson it would never forget, he caught his hooves on the scraggy gray tentacles of the long beard growing from his chin and his coat. Pawing the ground in frustration, he gave forth a sound of such fury - as hoarse and loud as if from the very depths of the underworld. Arrrghhhh!!!!!

The rabbit leaped into the air and with its legs still running forward and its ears bent backwards, flew across the field and escaped.

On the other side of the path, screeching with pure terror, a woman turned and ran in the opposite direction.

Exhaling loudly with satisfaction and quite cheerful now, he nibbled at the young shoots of sweet grass sprouting up through the dark earth...

A sudden flash of light and thunder in the distance made him hesitate, looking up at the sky he shuddered and suddenly you could see an intelligence in his eye, as a moan came out of him so incredibly deep and sad it cut to the very heart of all the hidden creatures around him...

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