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Acting and Directing Resume

Unions - US, CANADA:
aea, sdc(prior), sag/aftra, caea/actra
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As an actor,

    Anne has performed leading roles on Broadway, National Tours and Regional Theatres such as The Roundabout, The Guthrie, Kennedy Centre, Coconut Grove Playhouse, The Alley, Texas; NJ Shakespeare, Theatre Calgary and others in the US, Canada and UK and won various medals and awards. TV and film appearances include Mother Superior in "Terror on Track Nine" (producer Aaron Spellling), and "So I married an Axe Murderer". Performed in national tours such as "Big Bad Mouse" (under her stage name of Anni Thom) with Eric Sykes and Jimmy Edwards and "The Winslow Boy", a Roundabout production which concluded at the Kennedy Center (four-star rating). Notably, played Angela in "A Portrait of Angela Hitler" (by Elizabeth Wyatt) in the UK, to critical acclaim during the 50th anniversary of WW II.

    Favorite Irish role: Myra in "Summer" by Hugh Leonard, Philadelphia Drama Guild, dir. Doug Seale; also played opposite Sheila MacRae and Myvanwy Jenn in "The Hostage", Coconut Grove Playhouse.

    Other favorite roles include Mistress Page in Derek Goldby’s fun-filled “Merry Wives of Windsor” at the Guthrie, Minneapolis (complete with hula hoops and ten children); Mistress Quickly directed by Bolen High at New York’s Old Morgan’s Reade Street Tavern with Nathan Lane, Madame Arcati with director Derek Goldby in a very serious “Blithe Spirit” at Theatre Calgary and Madame Arcati again at Two Rivers Theatre, New Jersey with Juliet Mills; Sister George in “The Killing of Sister George “ opposite Tandy Cronyn, at the Roundabout Theatre, New York; and the Gypsy in “Camino Real“ (favorite playwright Tennessee Williams) directed by Bonnie Monte at New Jersey Shakespeare.

Coached in NYC, Toronto:

Coached several actors, including Rita Gam, for professional productions: provided support in interpreting and memorizing roles.

Directed, in NYC:

ON TOUR By Jean Nuchtern (SSDC Broadway production contract); Prod. Horner & Stuart: An American dance company - loosely based on Martha Graham - backstage hijinks, affairs (Cast of 11)

REUNION by Bill Blackard; Neighborhood Playhouse, New York; Artistic Dir. Harold Baldridge. 2 educated Southern gentlemen meet in the Brookville Inn - one to recover from past memories, the other to move forward with positive life experiences

NOON TRAIN by Bill Blackard; The Neighborhood Playhouse, New York (Cast of 3): A young man escaping the law and an old woman escaping her past meet in a railway station

APPLE TREES IN BLOOM by Serge Sirois (Trans. Dan Freedman) UBU Repertory, New York: Mass Murder psychodrama based on James Gacey murders. (The Clown) (Cast of 7)

4 O'CLOCK RAMBLE by Marcia Savin; Producer: American Folk Theater Artistic Dir. Gaffield: A pregnant woman’s nightmare between dusk and dawn

A KILLING IN CLAMS by June Griffin; No Smoking Playhouse Prod.: Bernice Lee (Cast of 5): Murder mystery comedy with Lothaire Bluteau as an eery funeral attendant

THE 30th OF FEBRUARY; Horner, Stuart Producers at the The Vandam Theatre (Cast of 11): A drama set in the world of human robots with Lothaire Bluteau

LONG JOURNEY HOME by Eugene O'Neill; Spectrum Theatre, New York

IN THE ZONE by Eugene O'Neill. Obtained permission from the O'Neill estate and included actual sea chanties collected from sailors at a New York Seaman's retirement home (Won the Villager, NY Best Directed Off-B'way Play Award)

THE NIGHT SHIFT Associate Director, closely involved in all aspects. Written & directed by Richard Lupino. Based on real events in a mental hospital, with a multi-racial company of 15, including Steve Harris

THREE SISTERS by Chekhov; Director Michael Diamond. As Assistant Director: added Russian music, staged background performances and coached principal performers. Wrote program description for a benefit performance for the deaf & hard of hearing

WOMEN IN LOVE by D. H. Lawrence; dir./prod. Michael Diamond. As Casting Director cast Robin Ward

Directed several new plays for Works by Women, NYC Bernice Lee, Producer, NYC, and directed the Spectrum Theatre Festival of Sea Chanties, NYC

Directed, in Toronto:
(* with Equity Permission - New Ideas Festival)

THE ADVENTURES OF MONSIEUR MAURICE AND HIS BRIDAL EMPORIUM by Anne MacMillan. (Revised and workshopped as a staged reading in the Alumnae Theatre Next Stage Series, June, 2018, directed by the author): A comic romp featuring an extravagant artistic designer, his (blue stocking) assistant (keeping it altogether), a tough landlord, a grandiose mama, a beautiful bride, a buxom beauty, a beading expert and a shocking finale.
(Cast of 7)

HOUSEKEEPING by Jean Koppen. 3 housekeepers each respond differently to an alarming discovery in a wealthy man's house. A well-constructed, intriguing play...New Ideas Festival, Alumnae Theatre, March 15 - 20, 2016

ROWING ONWARD by Eugenie Carabatsos. Surreal, magical, destiny. A man and a woman in a rowboat in the middle of an ocean, rowing forever, until ... New Ideas Festival, Alumnae Theatre, March 2015
(Cast of 2)

THE MAN WITH A BUTTERFLY HAT by Donna Langevin. An imaginative play, encompassing comedy and pathos. New Ideas Festival, Alumnae Theatre, March 2012
(Cast of 2)

THE HOLE by Erin Banks InspiraTO 10 minute play Festival, June 2011 (Cast of 2) (also revived at West Queen West Festival)

REFLECTIONS by Flora Stohr-Danziger: New Ideas Festival 2011, Alumnae Theatre. An older woman finds a photograph of herself as a young girl, triggering a flood of memories. Coming face to face with her younger selves, she relives moments in her past
(Cast of 5)

THE FLYING AVRO ARROW by Doug Warwick; 2010 Toronto Fringe: A musical comedy drama and historical documentary about the Avro Arrow, including Olga, the Russian Spy; Diefenbaker, Eisenhower & Krushchev (Cast of 11) Also directed in October, 2011 as a musical revival with 3 new songs and a new character (June Callwood) at the Comedy Bar, Bloor Street West, Toronto.

WHO IS LIESERL? by Flora Stohr Danziger; New Ideas Festival 2010 Alumnae Theatre: About Einstein's first wife, Mileva Maric: a secret from their past life reveals itself (Cast of 4)

MIMI'S STORY by Marye Barton; Performing Arts Lodge (PAL): directed a fully staged reading with music (music by Dougal Bichan) (Cast of 5)

Training includes:

The Royal Scottish Academy of Dramatic Art, Glasgow, Scotland; The Royal Conservatory of Music and Drama (University of Toronto); Circle in the Square, New York, with Nikos Psacharopoulos and Corner Loft Studio, New York